Hello. My name is Ian, I’m 6ft 1″ and I am almost entirely made up of cake, tequila and coffee.

I dislike wasps.

I once made a goat laugh a bit.

Welcome to my site.

Amongst other things, I write and draw, and every so often socialise with real people. Yes, real people and stuff.

In 2013, I started to draw again, after many years of always saying to myself that I would. Later that year a Hollywood actor asked me for a commission. Then a friend of his did the same. In 2014 two tabloid newspapers wrote articles about me that were approximately 30% correct. I usually refer to these tabloids as bastards. Later that year I exhibited in New York. Then Berlin. In 2016 I had a lovely show in New York again. And, again in November 2017. The New York Times very kindly referred to me as ‘thoughtful.’

In October 2022, I was the subject of the Big Interview, in Artists and Illustrators magazine. 

I also draw erotic art under a different name, which has sold all over the world, but I don’t like to talk about it. Damn, I’ve just told you! Forget I told you that………


At the time of writing I have a waiting list for drawings running at 227. I am not adding to that (famous last words) because art is not my day job. No. My proper job is as a senior manager in social health care.

If you decide to pop in do leave a message, and help yourself to the nuts on the counter. And when you leave give the door a good pull, as it’s rather loose.

Thank you.