A friend once asked me if I’d ever thought of drawing Taylor Swift.
‘Taylor who?’ I replied.
It was soon availed to me that Taylor Swift was already at that time what some refer to as a global superstar.
‘Really?’ I said. ‘Can’t say I’ve heard of her.’
Lily was made aware of this comment soon after. After calling me up, she quite categorically referred to me as Neanderthal. ‘Good heavens, how can you not have heard of Taylor Swift?’
Well, in my defence, I don’t listen to the radio, nor read newspapers. Sometimes, global superstars pass me by. And, to be honest, I quite like it that way.
Fast forward a few years. I now have a slightly broader understanding of Ms Swift, although admittedly far from most.
And, I quite like that way, too. Global superstars are, after all, what others make them.
Some of you may recall me writing about a chap named Steve, who I met whilst sitting outside a coffee shop in Lower Manhattan, in 2016. Steve was homeless at the time, and upon my return to the UK, I set him up with free coffees and hot meals at the cafe for a bit. Steve later told me a charity had supported him to find somewhere to live, and soon after he got himself a job. In 2017, I met up with Steve again, and it was very heartwarming to see him settled in his new home.
Recently, this drawing of Ms Swift went to an auction in the States, fetched a delightful sum of money, and I’m pleased to say proceeds went to the charity that helped Steve find his feet. So much so, Steve has fairly recently become a father, and has a nice home for him, his partner, and little Ian to live in.
Uh huh, yes, I did say little Ian.
Yes, what goes around comes around. Eventually.
Oh yes.

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I draw. I write. I do stuff.

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