Bright lights

Bright lights. No sleep

A shout, a scream, then moving on

To another bar where more

Money is spent

New York- Just left an apartment

I’d never have thought

I’d ever be

Tequila tipsy and jet lagged

And leaden

Now sat heavy on sidewalk seating

As wooden as I

‘Do you like the night?’ She asked

Yes, I said

And dropped my eye

To the letter box

Opening of a drain

And thought of ‘It’

And clowns, and rain

And darkness

Then looked at her eyes

And her frown

As she glanced past

The sea of pavement gum

Spat from ignorant mouths

There I saw the bicycle

Bright but all alone

‘There’s been times’, she said

‘when I’ve felt like that bike.’


‘Looking good but all alone

Watching people passing by

Having fun.’

I nodded, indeed, I said

We all feel like that


Then again, the bike

Will have its day again

Cared for by another’s hand

In another land

Under different lights

Knowing moonlit nights

Ah, she said

I like that, that’s good

Fancy a drink?

So I took in a deep breath

To clear my head

And we wandered into the night

By ianbourneart

I draw. I write. I do stuff.

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